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Secure Document Example

View a Word document after authenticating to PubPlace

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Customize a Word document with your own input

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Submit data to complete a PDF form.

A better way
to Publish

Forms, surveys, polls, Word & PDF docs, templates, widgets, reports & more.


Create content using PubPlace templates, your own custom templates, PDF, Word & Excel documents and more.


Publish your content via email,
on your website, facebook or PubPlace.


Interact with your audience. Republish form responses in form letters & templates.


View & download reports for
all your documents & forms.

  • Intro
  • Create
  • Publish
  • Interact
  • Report

Open Standard Content

  • All PubPlace content can be downloaded
    in Word, Excel or PDF formats
  • Leverage your investment in
    Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF
  • Don’t be held hostage by websites
    that use proprietary file formats

100% HTML

  • All PubPlace content is published as 100% HTML
  • Mobile & Tablet friendly
  • Publish to websites, facebook or via email
  • No Flash, apps or special mobile sites required

On the Web

  • Ready to use Now
  • Monthly Plans
  • No software to install

On Your Server

  • Installable
  • Your servers, your network
  • Same functionality as PubPlace